Monday, December 19, 2011

And I'm Off.....

I've never blogged before so please excuse me while I fumble my way around in the dark. However, the past few weeks I've become addicted to food blogs. With each passing day, I realized that I could do this too....if only I was more computer literate. I've decided to start off easy. I ordered a baking cookbook (Baking Unplugged, by Nicole Rees) and when that comes in, I'll take a recipe each week and try it out. Of course, if I find other recipes along the way, then I'll most certainly interject those too. No sense in letting a good recipe go unnoticed.

I'll be upfront and honest: I'm not a professional baker/chef/etc. I grew up with a mom who loved to be in the kitchen trying out new things. She was absolutely amazing! She would open up the refrigerator door, pull out multiple random items, and put together a fabulous meal. She's the reason I love to be in the kitchen as well. I would love to open a bakery/cafe with her. That's my dream in life (unfortunately, I wasn't born with a golden spoon in my mouth much less in my checking account, so I have to have a real person's job). Meanwhile, I get into my kitchen as much as possible and enjoy the time I have in there.

Outside of my dream world, I'm a registered nurse in a Pediatric ICU. It's a satisfyingly wonderful job. I love my coworkers, the doctors I work with, and my patients. So, although I'm not living my dream, I can't complain about the real world.....much :)

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